food Product
RHEON KN-508 Encrusting Machine
Other Product

10~300 g
10~60 pcs./min.
480 kg
  • Adopt KN-550 AGITATORs and KN-400 design of the operation front-panels.

  • May cause the water used clean, is easy to decompose the assembly operation.

  • Own the LCD touch pad of the latest technique, operate a way precise and convenient.

  • May input the working condition (Weight, the use components type...), and demonstrates in the kneading board(Most 100 kind of memories).

  • The new technique, can change to add a farcing and turn soon any time.

  • The new model produces, the model of the steamed stuffed bun series.

  • Sandwich cookie, Pineapple shortcake, Mochi, Moon cake, Egg yolk shortcake, WA KA SHI, Rice ball, Walnut cake, Crispy cookie, Mochi ice cream, Ice cream, The freezing recuperates clavate series product: Buns series of products, Fish balls...more.