food Product
RHEON KN-400 Encrusting Machine
Other Product

3.2 kW
10~60 pcs./min.
10~300 g(Special Scop 250~450g)
500 kg
  • RCM-Rheon Certified Machine.

  • The unique authorizes a certification through the Japanese RHEON company original factory, can sell Rheon the company of Machine of Certified.

  • May produce the miniature pizza type, and installs the fitting to be possible to produce type of the double egg-yolk moon cake.

  • The power is big, the product weight scope is big, and suits the food industry quantity to produce the factory demand.

  • It's simply easy to clean a way, the breakdown rate is low.

  • Sandwich cookie, Pineapple shortcake, Mochi, Moon cakes, Egg yolk shortcake, WA KA SHI, Rice ball, Walnut cake, Crispy cookie, Pizza, Tomatoes on sticks, Freezing Buns, The freezing recuperates the package of stuffing product: Fish ball, Buns, Roast buns...more.