food Product
RHEON N-209 Encrusting Machine
Other Product

2.525 kW
20~50 pcs./min.
20~130 g(Special Scop 25~240g)
450 kg
  • Surmounting tradition 208 types mechanical operation ways.

  • The stuffing material ratio, the size, the conveyor belt speed all may not have the section speed change adjustment.

  • When surpasses the load the protective device can "automatically stop" immediately.

  • The rotation speed got rid formerly only has five sections of adjustments ways.

  • Sandwich cookie, Pineapple shortcake, Mochi, Moon cake, Egg yolk shortcake, WA KA SHI, Rice ball, Buns, Walnut cake, Crispy cookie,Mochi ice cream, Ice cream, The freezing recuperates the package of stuffing product: Fish ball, Pizza, Tomatoes on sticks, Freezing Buns...more.